MEA WOOD is a specialist in wooden construction and glued laminated structural systems and is a leading provider of innovative and alternative wooden solutions to metal and concrete structures.

Being present in the entire manufacturing and construction process requires us to master multiple skills.

We have provided the company with the expertise and equipment that enable it to have integrated design offices, production workshops, cutting and assembly workshops, as well as the skills and equipment dedicated to carrying out lifting and execution work on sites.

Engineering office

With extensive experience in glulam structure, our engineers and specialized wood draughtsmen bring your projects to fruition using the most efficient 3D software. Whether it is with architectural offices, engineering offices or construction companies, we can advise you on your specific glulam projects.


Mea Wood has a production site of 20.000m2, with a production capacity of nearly 10.000 m3 of glulam per year.

The company adopts a state-of-the-art industrialized production process, a production line that allows the manufacture and machining of straight and curved beams up to a length of 50 m.